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Snake Handling and Other Pursuits

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May 28th, 2012

02:59 pm - The Post o' Reptile Resources [sticky post]
(Updated periodically.)

FaunaClassifieds // Board of Inquiry - Message board, sales
FaunaClassifieds is a Better Business Bureau and Craigslist for the reptile hobby. If you want to check out a seller before buying or leave a review for a purchase, this is where to go. It's also fun to watch the drama and gossip.

SnakeBytes TV // BHB Enterprises - Big-scale breeder with a video series
Wide variety of the more common varieties of pet snakes and also a number of harder-to-find species. Also produces SnakeBytes, an entertaining reptile web video series.

RedTailBoa.Net - Message board
This site and forum is focused on boa constrictors but offers subsections and information on many other types of commonly kept reptiles.

VMS Herpetoculture - Breeder
VMS Herpetoculture works with a number of species, including snakes, leopard geckos and fat-tailed geckos. Mostly they offer colubrids and ball python morphs. They have a fairly wide variety of corn snake morphs and some very nice king snakes and milk snakes.

FedEx - Shipping
Shipping reptiles through the mail is a common way for breeders to sell their animals to customers many states away. Shippers must take great care to properly package the reptiles so they arrive safely. FedEx willingly works with certified shippers to ship harmless live reptiles. It's important to note that UPS does not.

South Mountain Reptiles - Breeder
SMR has one of the biggest selections of corn snakes around. The owner and breeder has been around for many years and developed some of the best-known morphs. Prices are reasonable and his flat-rate shipping is very inexpensive.

Repashy - Food products and supplements
Repashy makes some great products, like the Crested Gecko Diet and Calcium Plus.

Pangea Reptile // Pangea Forum - Breeder, supplies, reptile forum
Pangea Reptile produces crested and gargoyle geckos and sells many kinds of products. The site also has a message board.

Scott Felzer - Breeder
Breeder of garter snake morphs.

GeckoForums.Net - Message board
Forums focused on geckos but offers a wide variety of subforums for other types of reptiles.

Kingsnake.Com - Classifieds, message board, more
The original all-in-one reptile site: sales, discussion and care sheets.

Mesozoic Reptiles - Breeder
Producing colubrid hybrids. Really wild colors on some of these snakes. 

Ball-Pythons.Net - Message board
Forums focused on ball pythons but offering a lot of subforums for discussing other types of reptiles.

BeardedDragon.Org // Forums - Care site, message board
This is THE place for bearded dragon information and discussion

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January 10th, 2013

12:23 pm
Customer service announcement: I'm not dead or kidnapped by aliens

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